Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

Director of Creative Services

About Jessica

Jessica Miller has been passionate about nonprofit work since she organized her first fundraiser—a penny drive to benefit Somali children—at the age of 13. When her hometown newspaper asked about her inspiration for the fundraiser, she replied “I just want to help people.”

Ten years later, she started her marketing career at a nonprofit art museum in Virginia. “I wore all the hats,” Jess says. “Marketing specialist, strategic planning consultant, event planner, graphic designer, media relations coordinator… if it needed to be done, I did it. So, I really understand the challenges nonprofit organizations face in terms of time, talent and resources.”

Jess has been a marketing consultant for our parent agency, MadAveGroup, since 2007 and jumped at the opportunity to provide affordable marketing services to nonprofit organizations.

As the Director of Creative Services at the MadAveCollective, she develops recommendations to meet client marketing goals, sources the talent to fulfill the work, provides strategic and creative direction, manages production, stewards the mentor review process, follows through on implementation, and offers ongoing consultation.

In her free time, Jess serves on the volunteer committee of Toledo SOUP, which organizes several annual events to crowdfund micro-grants for local nonprofits, startups and community improvement initiatives. She’s also a member of the Board of Directors at Mom’s House—a position she volunteered for while meeting with their Executive Director to discuss how MAC could help with their marketing needs.

“This woman has such a heart for helping people that she’d join every board,” says Nikki Kellers, Executive Director of the MadAveCollective.

“It’s kind of become a running joke,” Jess laughs. “Every time we meet with a new client, Nikki tells me I can’t join any more boards because there are only 24 hours in a day and I have to sleep sometime.”