Mom’s House

Mom’s House

Event Identity Design

Funds raised during the annual Mom’s House Golf Classic event help support educational programs that benefit the moms and children enrolled at Mom’s House – programs that cost more than $15,000 per person each year.

“Most charity golf outings are the same,” said Mom’s House Executive Director Christina Rodriguez. The day starts scramble-style, there are a few fun holes and prizes, and afterward, there’s a nice dinner and award ceremony. “We almost always sell out sponsorships and max out on the number of golfers we can host, so the challenge now is how to take this event to new heights.”

In recent years, the planning committee has explored new ways to participate, adding events like the Drone Drop and creating new sponsorship opportunities at varying levels to give more people, even non-golfers, a chance to support the organization.

This year, they wanted to give the event a new look, too.

“Less golf, more Mom’s House”

That’s the only direction given to designer Jessie Walton, a senior graphic design student at BGSU, when she started the project. She looked at collateral from past years and thought about the best way to integrate the organization’s brand into an identity they can use for this event for the next 20 years.

"I leaned into the word ‘green’ in the brand’s color palette and translated it into an illustration of the physical green of the golf course, the circular shape of which acknowledges the wrap-around services Mom’s House provides," Walton said of her design concept.

Brilliant Execution

She “clearly understood” the organization’s brand and mission, as well as how the team wanted to position this annual event, said Terry Lesniewicz, Chief Brand Officer at MadAveGroup, who also serves as a mentor to MadAveCollective’s freelance talent.

Lesniewicz noted it takes a “deft hand and a skilled eye” to exercise this kind of restraint, something you typically find in more seasoned designers. “I was blown away to learn it was developed by a student,” he added, “a true testament to the strength of the design program at BGSU.”

Mom's House will be able to apply this branding to all their event collateral, including:

  • Save the Date postcard
  • Registration brochure
  • Event signage

“I LOVE this logo–I want to give it a hug!”

Kristen Lennex

Donor Relations Coordinator

Mom’s House