How Donor Management Software Can Support Nonprofit Marketing Efforts

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How Donor Management Software Can Support Nonprofit Marketing Efforts

November 10, 2021

As a nonprofit leader, you probably use a variety of tools:

  • Donor management software keeps track of donor contact information and giving histories.
  • Email newsletters are built and distributed in a different system.
  • Online donations come in through a separate platform.
  • Event registrations are handled through another portal.
  • Social media content gets published through various channels.

It can be a hassle to manage so many tools. And since none of those systems share information, it’s difficult to connect engagement activity with individual donor records.

But what if your donor management software could replace some or all of the tools you’re using and provide analytics that help inform activities?

Some of today’s cloud-based donor management platforms streamline and automate many nonprofit marketing efforts, such as email distribution and event registration, social content management and others. You can see results in real-time and apply that information strategically to strengthen and expand donor relationships.

Look for these features when evaluating your next donor management system.

Online Giving Integration

This feature lets you create and customize online giving forms that can be embedded directly into your website. Donations made through these forms are automatically logged into the donor’s record, which can trigger an automated workflow that generates a thank you letter and a tax receipt for the donor.

Email Marketing Integration

With an email marketing feature, you can develop and schedule regular email newsletters, appeals, event announcements and more. The integrated analytics will show you how individual donors are engaging with these communications in real-time.

Social Media Integration

A social publishing feature will allow you to post social media content from within the software platform. Social listening will allow you to monitor your organization’s social media presence and overall engagement activity. Software with a user matching feature will match a donor’s email address with any social accounts that are connected to that email address, which can help you track individual donor engagement with your published social content.