Using Experience-Driven Events to Support Your Nonprofit

Using Experience-Driven Events to Support Your Nonprofit

April 18, 2022

Are you planning an event for your nonprofit organization? Experience-driven events can help your organization stand out and attract people from outside your existing supporter base.

These types of events tend to be on a smaller scale, which means you may be able to host several throughout the year. And the more intimate setting allows your team to engage one-on-one with your volunteers and donors.

Tasting Events

Food and drink bring people together. Consider hosting a wine, whiskey or beer tasting. Pair your beverage category of choice with seasonal or off-menu cuisine at a favorite local restaurant for an experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Instructional Events

Teaching your guests a new skill or craft can help forge memorable connections, especially if the activity coincides with your organization’s goals or services. Partner with local entities to organize a cooking class, glass blowing session, mixology lesson or painting event.


Performance events, such as a concert, comedy act, play or talent show are a welcome reprieve from the daily grind. These events can strengthen the sense of community around your nonprofit organization, and by sharing the planning and execution duties with the venue you can free up some of your team’s resources.


Allow your guests to channel their competitive side by hosting a trivia or game night, card tournament or sporting event. These events are ideal for hosting in a series, which can extend your reach to new guests each time. If you host a trivia night, ask a few questions about your nonprofit to raise awareness of your cause and services.

Relaxation and Wellness Events

Self-care is essential. Hosting a spa day or yoga retreat will provide your guests with an opportunity to indulge and unwind that they won’t soon forget. Create custom goodie bags that highlight your brand so visitors can take home memories of the experience.

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