6 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Your Nonprofit

6 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Your Nonprofit

December 15, 2022

The start of a new year is a time for reflection on the goals you met, surpassed, missed or want to revisit. Setting a resolution or two for your nonprofit gives your team a course of action to follow as you pursue community service.

#1 Prioritize Professional Development 

Providing your staff with training opportunities gives them an edge in delivering essential services to your target audience. Continuing education can keep your team on top of trends regarding volunteer recruitment, donor engagement and technological developments. Helping your staff build their skillsets creates a sense of empowerment that can improve your community connection. Consider attending conferences, workshops or webinars. 

#2 Support Your Volunteers

A thank-you goes a long way. Starting the new year by expressing gratitude for the past year’s work can encourage volunteer engagement, retention and recruitment. That thanks may take the form of a handwritten note, a phone call or an email. Go a step further by scheduling monthly check-ins with staff and volunteers to continue building team bonds. 

#3 Improve Your Social Media Presence

Do you have a social media management strategy for your nonprofit? If so, when was the last time you reviewed the plan?

Establishing or refreshing your social media presence helps you gain exposure and promote and fundraise for your nonprofit. Social media marketing can increase visibility, attract potential donors and encourage social change. Potential goals may include improving your response rate or creating impactful content with photos, videos and testimonials.

#4 Connect with Your Board

Forming personal connections can be challenging in a group meeting environment. Try scheduling a coffee or a lunch, especially with newer members, so you can get to know them individually.

It can be helpful for your board members to get to know each other better, too. Encourage them to meet one-on-one with other members they don’t know very well. You could also add a short personal sharing session to your monthly agenda or host a fun board retreat with team building activities.

#5 Prioritize Community Partner Relationships

Working with other businesses and groups is essential to the success of your nonprofit. Building bonds with community partners establishes a support network that allows you to serve more people. Lending a helping hand to other nonprofits shows that your team is willing to collaborate for the greater good and introduces you to a new pool of potential supporters.

#6 Update Your Website and Data Tracking Technology

Starting the year on an organized note sets the stage for productivity. Use donor and volunteer management software to promote efficiency and time management. Complete an audit to assess current volunteer data and identify gaps in contact information, volunteer hours and availability.

Review your website, too. Is it easy to navigate? How many clicks does it take to find basic information? Updating your content management system will allow you to improve the user experience, monitor web activity and highlight new opportunities.

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